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If you’re ill or undergoing a physical exam, you may need blood work. Dr. Sean Bohannon at Selma Family Care in Selma, Alabama, uses blood work to check for signs of infection, illness, or other conditions such as cholesterol levels. Blood tests take just a few minutes and give Dr. Bohannon vital information that helps him best serve you. Call Selma Family Care, PC, or book your appointment online.

Blood Work Q & A

Why are blood tests done?

There are several reasons that you can expect a blood test during your visit to Selma Family Care. The tests let Dr. Bohannon check you for certain conditions and diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or an infection.

Blood work can also indicate how well organs such as your liver, heart, thyroid, and kidneys are working. And they let Dr. Bohannon know if you have such conditions as anemia or AIDS.

How is a blood test done?

The actual test is usually a blood drawn from a vein in your arm. It takes just a few minutes, and you may feel a prick for just a moment, if at all. Usually, you don’t need to prepare for a blood test, although you may have to fast before some cholesterol tests. That’s because testing without food in your system produces the best result.  

If a cholesterol check is part of your blood work, you may want to schedule the test first thing in the morning. Then you can eat again right after the test.  

Dr. Bohannon may ask you to have your blood tested before your physical exam so he can discuss the results with you, or he may decide what tests you need during your physical exam and then have you get the blood work done after your checkup.

If anything is of concern, Dr. Bohannon contacts you after he gets the results.

What blood tests should I expect?  

Dr. Bohannon orders blood tests based on your health history and age, but you can expect one test to be a complete blood count, or CBC. The CBC tests for the numbers of red and white blood cells you have in order to check for infections and anemia.

Depending on your age, Dr. Bohannon may order a blood test for your cholesterol levels. If they are high, Dr. Bohannon may recommend that you start on medication to bring the numbers down and check you again to see how you’re doing.

Blood tests are an important indication of how you are doing. Dr. Bohannon discusses your results with you and what follow-up, if any, is needed. Never hesitate to contact the office to ask follow-up questions about any of your tests.