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If you’ve found yourself coughing or having trouble taking deep breaths at times, you could be suffering from asthma, a chronic disease that affects your airways. At Selma Family Care in Selma, Alabama, Dr. Sean Bohannon has experience diagnosing and treating asthma. To get your breath back, book an appointment by calling Selma Family Care, PC, or using the online scheduler.


What is asthma?

Asthma is an illness that affects your airways — tubes that take air to and from your lungs. With asthma, the inside walls of your airways can become more narrow, keeping sufficient air from getting to your lungs.

If you come in contact with something that you’re allergic to or that irritates you, you might cough, wheeze, or have trouble breathing. That’s because you’re not moving enough air in and out of your lungs.

At Selma Family Care, Dr. Bohannon can do tests to see how much trouble you have getting air in and out and recommend medications for both daily and emergency use.

What causes asthma?

Many factors can cause asthma, including allergies, the environment, and genetics. It’s important to know what’s causing your asthma symptoms so Dr. Bohannon can help you choose the most effective treatments.

If your asthma is genetic, medication may be the best choice. If your asthma is caused by things you are allergic to, you may need medication, but you also need to get rid of what’s causing the problem. For example, regularly dust the rooms in your house if dust is your trigger, or avoid the outdoors when pollen counts are highest if that allergen triggers your asthma.

What should I do to keep my asthma under control?

If you are diagnosed with asthma, Dr. Bohannon works with you to understand your asthma triggers and to develop a plan to keep your condition under control.

These are some elements of an effective asthma plan:

  • Take your medicines as prescribed
  • Avoid asthma triggers as much as you can
  • Act quickly to use an inhaler, take emergency medicine if prescribed, and call 911 in an emergency
  • Get regular asthma checkups based on the schedule you draw up with Dr. Bohannon. 

If you’ve been having trouble easily getting air in and out of your lungs, and notice it may be linked to allergies or conditions in your environment, call or book an appointment online today with Selma Family Practice so that Dr. Bohannon can evaluate your symptoms and help you create a treatment plan.